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New Belgium Brewing Company, Fort Collins, CO

by Stevi Deter

Someone living on the East Coast is used to hearing the phrase "Anheuser Busch, St. Louis, Missouri," closing every beer commercial for the national giant. Within Colorado, however, we're reminded that it's "Anheuser Busch, Ft. Collins, Colorado." The drive to Ft. Collins will take you past billboards encouraging you to visit the beer factory.

What you will not see are ads extolling you to visit the New Belgium Brewing Company, although such a trip would be infinitely more informative, and tasty, than a visit to the home of the Clydesdales. A strong introduction to the New Belgium family is Fat Tire, their amber ale.

According to the lable, Fat Tire is dry hopped with a nutty malt flavor and hoppy aroma. It is the sweetness of the malt that you will notice most about this beer. It has little aftertaste, making it a smooth, sweet beer. Many Coloradans think of Fat Tire as an excellent tourist beer. Its smoothness and easy drinkability make a fine introduction to quality Colorado brew for people more used to the standard mass produced beers and put off by the stronger brews.

Many non-beer drinkers also find Fat Tire easy to drink. Next to a stronger beer, however, Fat Tire seems weak and even tasteless. Its quality will stand out if it you drink it by itself, but will pale if you drink it following a stronger brew.

Fat Tire, and New Belgium Brewing Company, has developed a loyal following within Colorado. One member of the staff of the Association of Brewers commented it's one of the only brews he would pay for in a bar. Considering that Colorado seems to have a bewildering array of decent to excellent brewpubs and microbrews, this is high praise indeed. Fat Tire is just expanding its distribution and product line, having only recently introduced six-packs of twelve ounce bottles; previously you could only buy it as a 40 ounce bottle or on-tap at your local beer hall.

Fat Tire is a pleasant, drinkable beer, especially if you're looking for something light. New Belgium is an excellent up-and-coming microbrewery, and if you find some of its products at your local watering hall, be sure to have a taste for yourself.

"It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious."

--Alfred North Whitehead

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