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Columbia Road, Pembroke, MA
(617) 829-9001
Directions: Take Route 3 South to exit 12 (Pembroke) and take a right at the end of the ramp. Go straight for about 3 miles (it turns into Columbia Road) and Cafe Christina's is on the right.

by Mariah Daly

Reservations are not required but if you really want to eat there on a specific date, you should probably call. Proper dress required.

One of the best restaurants I've ever been to is Cafe Christina's in Pembroke, MA. Its gourmet Italian food -- more than just spaghetti and meatballs -- is prepared so delicately that your plate looks like a work of art. I almost didn't want to take a bite for fear of ruining the gorgeous display.

The food is spectacular. My personal favorite is the marinated pork tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes. A different vegetable is served nightly, but if you're lucky you'll get the butternut squash. Other entrees include Black Angus steak, schrimp scampi, and various other tasty meals. Some don't include the garlic mashed potatoes, but a substitution can be made and a side order is OK. The bread that is served prior to the meal is unbelievably soft and fresh (piping hot!), and there are many different varieties. If you run out of bread, don't hesitate to ask for more. The waiters and waitresses are particularly nice and seem to want everything to be perfect for your dinner.

The atmosphere at Cafe Christina's is very romantic: dim lights, soft-colored decor. It's a perfect place for a first date, or any date, for that matter. It's a good place to have quiet conversation.

Before leaving Cafe Christina's you must try their white chocolate cheesecake. What? You don't like white chocolate? Well, fear not, it doesn't taste like white chocolate, it is simply delicious. I, too, said "I hate white chocolate! I won't try that!" but after a little heckling I tried it and LOVE it. It is a MUST for every meal there, and don't forget the incredible strawberry sauce.

Some items can be a little pricey, but it's definitely worth the splurge. You'll have a delicious dinner, a great atmosphere, and some quiet time for you and your date.

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