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October 1999: Boy Bands . By Yong-Mi Kim.

October 1999: Treat Her Right -- A Retrospective. By Evan Pritchard.
Buy The Anthology: 1985-1990

August 1999: Q Magazine . By Evan Pritchard.

August 1999: Hello Vertigo, by Papa Vegas. By Jenine Abarbanel.
Buy Hello Vertigo

July 1999: Tales from the Acoustic Planet, Volume 2, from Bela Fleck.
Buy Tales from the Acoustic Planet, Volume 2

May 1999: "Give Yourself a Hand", from the Crash Test Dummies. By Evan Pritchard.
Buy Give Yourself a Hand

March 1998: "Heaven and Hell", from Joe Jackson. By Evan Pritchard.
Buy Heaven and Hell

June 1997: "Headz Ain't Ready" - What to tell your parents about the history of electronica. By Chris Tweney. Also see Dub Vox, Tweney's column about electronica.

May 1997: What You Need to Know About Electronica (for at least the next ten minutes). By Chris Tweney. Also see Dub Vox, Tweney's column about electronica.

March 1997: Southern Culture on the Skids: Dirt Track Date. By Meredith Tanner.

January 1997: Axiom Dub: Mysteries of Creation. By Chris Tweney. Also see Dub Vox, Tweney's column about electronica.
Buy Mysteries of Creation

December 1996: A Blue Review. Review/esssay by Johnathan Vail. (Requires a Java-compatible client.)

October 1996: Pete Droge and the Sinners. By Meredith Tanner.

October 1996: George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars at the San Francisco Maritime Hall. By Meredith Tanner.

October 1996: Bela and the Flecktones: "Live Art". By Jenine Abarbanel.
Buy Live Art

September 1996: An Evening of Lounge @ Bimbo's 365 Club. By Meredith Tanner.

August 1996: We Mean No Harm to Your Planet. Essay by Meredith Tanner. Strong women are in, I hear, at least in alternative music....

July 1996: Richard Thompson's "You? Me? Us?" By AjD.
Buy You? Me? Us?

July 1996: Cassandra Wilson, "New Moon's Daughter"; remembering Ella. Essay by AjD. Ella Fitzgerald died the Saturday past and the world is a grimmer place now....
Buy New Moon's Daughter

June 1996: Bob Mould: "Bob Mould" and "Egoverride" (EP). By AjD.
Buy Bob Mould

May 1996: Tortoise: "Millions Now Living Will Never Die". By AjD.
Buy Millions Now Living Will Never Die

May 1996: "60 Watt Silver Lining" and "Blue" by Mark Eitzel and Olympic Death Squad, respectively. By AjD.
Buy 60 Wall Silver Lining
Buy Blue

May 1996: "The Book of 'Eternity Set Aflame" by Keiji Haino. By AjD.
Buy The Book of 'Eternity Set Aflame'

May 1996: "Pussy, King of the Pirates" by The Mekons and Kathy Acker. By AjD.
Buy Pussy, King of the Pirates

May 1996: Cibo Matto: Viva! La Woman By AjD. For the more classically minded, Mark Gooley tells a tale of Deutsche Barock Kantaten.
Buy Viva! La Woman
Buy Deutsche Barock Kantaten
Buy Deutsche Barock Kantaten (different parts of the collection)

April 1996: Guided by Voices: "Under the Bushes, Under the Stars" and "The Official Ironman Rally Song ep". By AjD.
Buy Under the Bushes, Under the Stars

April 1996: Freakwater: "Old Paint." By AjD.
Buy Old Paint

April 1996: Stereolab: "Refried Ectoplasm (Switched On Volume 2)." By AjD.
Buy Refried Ectoplasm

April 1996: Pizzicato 5: "The Sound of Music." By AjD.

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